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Håkull Air & Sea

Håkull offer all types of air- and seafright

We offer services at competitive prices

Håkull Air & Sea is locla owned an independant transport company with head office in Sandnes, Norway. Our services are, airfreight, seafreight and project forwarding. Our experienced staff give you personal service to competitive prices.

Our knowledge - your security!

Our international network enables us to offer oversea orders sufficient and economic

News in the Håkull Group

It is a strong name in the Norwegian Transport and Forwarding industry, which in 2021 looks back on 75 years of operation. We are quite proud, still being a family owned business in a market consisting of major constellations.
Påsken 2021 er snart en realitet. Uansett utviklingen innen den pågående pandemi, vil det være endringer i driftsmønster i ukene 13 og 14 grunnet helligdager, endrede seilingstider ferger, kjøreforbud og at en del bedrifter velger å holde stengt.