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Conc. operations during start of 2022

The pandemic is unfortunately under no circumstances over! Strong restrictions is again the “daily rules” which also influence on the forwarding and transport industry. Reduction of ferry departures in general, and special, in the month of January as well as February (as we now have been informed about). Unfortunately this brings us back in a Force Majeure situation again (circumstances outside our control)!

The ferry lines covering the lines between Norway and Denmark will have changed service due to planned docking.

Color Line will in the period 03.01 – 12.01.2022 have no actual sailings on Kristiansand (NO) to/from Denmark. All traffic has to be solved either via Larvik (NO) or Stavanger (NO) in this period.  The line between Norway and Sweden will be out of service at least through January

Fjord Line will carry out their docking-period in the period 04.01 – 23.01.2022. but additional they will, due to current situation only have one ship in traffic till end of February. They have also cancelled all sailing to and from Sweden until further notice.

Due to these severe changes we will, from 01.01.2022, re-introduce a Force Majeure surcharge on all our activity until further notice. It is our hope that our drivers still will be able to move through Europe without too much problems.

Håkull AS will do our utmost to supply our clients in the best way in the actual timeframe, but lead-times will be affected by the new setup!

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact one of our offices.