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Situation connected to Corona virus Covid-19

We expect that all know about a lot of restrictions connected to the tragic development and spread of the Corona-virus – Covid-19.

The transport business is defined as one on the critical functions in the society, and we continue working, although this gives us some challenges as to have all orders produced in the way which under normal conditions has been agreed. We recognize different restrictions from country to country.

Some ferries still offer sailings, but reduced volume, and some has stopped all services.

We all know that this is a critical time, but we like to highlight our trusted drivers, which under really challenging conditions, try to support the logistic systems with their service. Our company offer them as much support as possible during this period. We hope and trust that you all will give them necessary support and information on your location/plant when either loading or unloading!

This situation will also have an impact on the economic side connected to the daily operations, but it is to early to have a clear overview of this today, this point will come to surface a bit later.

We expect that this information will only be valid for a short time, but trust that all parties will do their utmost to get things function to the most secure point possible