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It is important to have a clear view to our general terms of transportation

General Terms 2023

1. Transport instructions:

All instructions will be carried out according to “Nordic Freight forwarders Associations General rules” (NSAB 2015 or latest version). The instructions will also be executed according to the CMR convention and according to regulations issued by EU and regulated through the EEA agreement. Further also law dated 20 December 1974 no 68 (incl. later corrections), concerning freight agreements by international conveyance of trailed goods (Norway).Rules and laws connected to cabotage are followed according to actual in activity. The regulations connected to minimum wage connected to road transport (law of 04.06.1993 nr 58) and later corrections (Kap. II § 3), is followed based on actual niveau at the time. Håkull AS has AEO certification.

2. Reservations:

We reserve the rights to adjust our prices without pre-advice if changes occur due to e.g. public duties/taxes/currency/ferry costs/fuel increases, Force Majeure etc. Otherwise we refer to NSAB 2015 § 8.

It is presumed that the goods is equipped with package and marks according to regulations, possible to secure according to international standards on trailer (rules and laws), and that goods packed in wooden boxes and the like, is sufficiently secured in the package (NSAB 2015). Goods must be proper marked with labels showing clear delivery address.

The transport prices stated are based on ordinary time of delivery, as well as on ordinary time of loading and unloading. Deviations will be discussed by occurrence separately (Extra costs). Delivery is based on trailer without backlift. This can be arranged but are not included in the prices.
Contractor will be responsible for the freight and the costs connected to EXW shipments in those cases where the transportbuyer/freightresponsible do not pay Håkull AS invoices in due date.

Orders export and import are executed by Håkull AS assuming that, and in the believe of, that all documentation presented, are correct for the particular order(s). This also cover all details as to amount of colli, weight, content a.o. Håkull AS declines any economic responsibility for error and missing’s which is connected to wrong information from any of the parties in the supply chain. All economic consequences that error or missing’s inflicted on Håkull AS or somebody that Håkull AS has in work (also sub-suppliers), we will keep our principle/customer responsible for.

Offers included guarantee of delivery time (NSAB 2015§ 7 and storage (NSAB2015 §.25 pkt A), must be arranged especially and in writing.

Ved utstedelse av Transitdokument (NCTS) vil oppdragsgiver holdes ansvarlig for eventuelle krav som blir fremsatt overfor Håkull AS eller våre leverandører/samarbeidspartnere, med bakgrunn i ikke korrekt avsluttede Transitdokument (NCTS).

3. Factor of conversion

1 cbm = Europe 333 kg Nordic 360 kg
1 loadingmeter = Europe 1850 kg Nordic 2000 kg
1 EUR pall = Europe 740 kg/ 0,4 loadingmeter Nordic 800 kg/ 0,4 loadingmeter

Cargo with special width: Freight costs must be agreed upon in each case.

Cargo with special length; Calculation form: Length of cargo x pallet-width (0,8/ 1,2 / 1.6) divided on 2,4 meter = sum of loadingmeter. Cargo passing 1,6 meter will be calculated as for the full wideness (length will give total loadingmeters).

4. Dangerous cargo

Dangerous goods will only be accepted on special terms and costs. Customer must, without being asked, present valid information about the cargo (written) as well as dangerous cargo documents (Data-sheets) to Håkull AS before actual transport are started. If not presented in a proper way, loading will not take place. Total responsibility is on customer’s hand

Shipper must organize proper marking of cargo

5. Freightcalculations

All estimations are made on the principle of optimisation of freight. (Are not valid when offered in other number then per 100 kg)

This does not include consignments under 499 kg. Shipments past 500 kg rounded up to nearest 100 kg.

All prices are given and based on INCOTERMS 2020’s terms of delivery

All order s are conducted according to NSAB 2015

No exchange of pallets is connected to our freight offers.

Return of packing material is not calculated and must be agreed separately and to separate price.

All prices are based on maximum 1 hours per complete truck on loading and unloading point. When this are exceeded, rate for extra waiting time has to be separately agreed.

Export prices from Norway are given based on custom clearance EU border-crossing if nothing else has been agreed

Road-taxes will be invoiced based on Håkull AS valid terms and prices.

Cash on Delivery (COD) sendinger behandles etter særskilte regler og til særskilte kostnader.

6. Taxes

Commodity-/ Harbour taxes will be added, according to public regulations in the actual harbours involved, if not other arrangements are agreed.

Other taxes not specific mentioned in the freight contract, will be added separately.

7. Provision on outlays

On request.

8. Insurance

The prices stated do not cover insurance on the goods transported. Our responsibility is limited according to mentioned transport instructions (see point 1). Separate transport insurance can be arranged/signed by Håkull AS on an individual basis through our insurance company. This has to be agreed especially in written text before order starts.

9. Terms of payment

Net 10 days. After due date, interest at the rate of 8,5 % p.a. will be charged (will follow the official terms)

10. Time of validity

From actual date in offer or other specific given period/date, until further notice, if nothing else are particularly agreed.

11. Termination

As agreed in contract