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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is about how Håkull collects and uses information about visitors to our website.

Personaldata-policy/ handling of private informations.

It is the politic in Håkull AS, only to work with personal data in connections when necessary to manage the daily business, to secure delivery of the products we have promissed our clients, and to secure that we have access to and can keep qualified personal.

Data responsible:
Håkull AS is data-responsible, and we secure that all treatment of your personal information will be used according to the legislation.

Contactinformation to data responsible:
Data-responsible in Håkull AS:
Tallak Hovstad:

We treat the following personal data in connection with our trade with businesses:

Håkull AS, as company only work with privat persons by exeptions, but mainly work with other professional businesses. Most information data is without personal data.

Personal data and collection of such is only actual connected to transport orders and delivery. ved transport og leveringThe following information could be reigstered:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Postal code
  • City and country
  • Telephonenumber of contactperson
  • Mailadress on contactperson.

Such informations will only be collected in order to deliver the services which has been comitted with our suppliers and clients.

If orders are to be collected/delivered in third countries, over mentioned information will follow the pick up orders given to our sub-supplier in the actual countries.

All data information will be kept in our secured IT system accoriding to the legislation.

All our data-systems is covered by considerable security and necessary agreements with data processing companies has been made towards it partners.

The following personal information will be collected by job searching or appointment:

  • Name and address information
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Social security number
  • Driving lisence
  • Contactinformation about closest relatives
  • Copy of school examens
  • Copy of eventual recommendations
  • Certificate of good conduct

Purpose – to get in contact with candidate

  • Sosial security number: to secure correct wage and report towards the authorities.
  • Drivng license to secure legal driving in the daily work
  • ID to secure the health insurance
  • Close relatives: Secure information in case of accidents
  • Examen documents/recommendations: Secure wanted qualifications
  • Certificate of good conduct: Claim of documentaition towards i.a. Customs connected to the AEO certification

NB: in a process of job searching/appointment you will deliver all accurate material you wish as well as organize the certificate of conduct. Our company do not collect any data about you without your approval.

All inforamtion in the process of job searching will only be kept by us in the period until this has been finalized and appointment has been made. After this, all all data will be deleted, unless you have been hired.

At any time, you can ask for a delete of all your data, read more specific about this in point ”Your Rights”.

When you enter our homepage, we use cookies according to the below:

Our company do not use cookies where some personal data are saved. Cookies are used for quick reading as well as download of our homepage by re-visiting.

Your rights

  • You have the right to know which personal informations we keep on you.
  • You have the right to get all your personal information updated which we have registered.
  • You are entitled to get all personal information by us deleted. We will only keep personal information which according to legislation are required.
  • If treatment of your personal information is based on your approval, you are entitled to withdraw this at any time. Information which is required according to legislation will be kept.


The company has established security routines to safeguard your data and to avoid un-regulated use. These rules are based on latest regulation connected to these legal rules.

Data – and document security are secured by:

  • All visitors need to be approved by entrance.
  • Theft-security/ locking systems
  • Personal password which are changed un-regular
  • Automatic backupsystems
  • Agreements on data with all relevant IT partners
  • Company business documentation and security description
  • Written routines for keeping and delete of personal data and documents

Appeals instance:

You are able to appeal on our actions connected to personal informations about you towards Datatilsynet. Further details on this theme can be found at Datatilsynet Norge: