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Tallak Hovstad

Chief Executive
Tel: (+47) 51 63 60 62
Mob: (+47) 907 71 413

Gudmund Håkull



  • Established in 1946
  • Family owned in 2nd and 3rd generation
  • Head office in Sandnes
  • Departments in Kristiansand, Oslo and Nørresundby (DK)
  • The corporate has about 85 employees and about 225 including drivers
  • Highly qualified staff with years of experience
  • Good profitability and strong economy
  • Transport and property cover nearly 50 % each of the total profitability
  • Yearly turnover of about NOK 450 million / Euro 50 million

The Håkull group and companies involved, has a strong position in the market. The Group as a whole is financially very solid. This is a security for all our customers in relation to the tasks to be solved, small or large. With significant experience and highly skilled staff, we offer personal service, high quality and precision in all aspects. Long lasting customer relationships is and has been one of our strongest cards. The slogan for a lot of years has been: “Transport without limitations”.

Tor Grindheim, Marketing Manager