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Transportbetingelser 2024

Generelle transportbetingelser 2024 – Håkull AS

1. Transport instructions:

All instructions will be carried out according to “Nordic Freight forwarders Associations General rules” (NSAB 2015 or latest version). The instructions will also be executed according to the CMR convention and according to regulations issued by EU and regulated through the EEA agreement. Further also law dated 20 December 1974 no 68 (incl. later corrections), concerning freight agreements by international conveyance of trailed goods (Norway).Rules and laws connected to cabotage are followed according to actual in activity. The regulations connected to minimum wage connected to road transport (law of 04.06.1993 nr 58) and later corrections (Kap. II § 3), is followed based on actual niveau at the time. Håkull AS has AEO certification.